We are unique in that we are a team of Chefs working together with a team of Butchers to deliver the highest specification and quality product suiting every menu requirement.


We have partnerships with selected farms and work with carefully selected local abattoirs so we have confidence in the welfare of the animals and full traceability of all our products.


We support the Rare Breed Survival Trust and offer a comprehensive selection of Native Breed Beef, Lamb & Mutton, Pork and Rose Veal. We also offer Poultry, and wild game when in season.


We strive to offer the highest service levels possible and this, combined with the fact we only ever source the very best quality products available means you can be confident working with us.


We have in-house facilities of Himalayan Salt Dry-Ageing, spice grinding, Charcuterie-making and Smoking. This, combined with our team of Chefs continually developing new products, means we offer a bespoke product range suited to your every need.


At Swaledale Foods we select native breed cattle reared on local farms, favouring cattle of 30 months or more. The cattle are reared in a totally free range environment, feeding on grass, hay and silage..

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All our Pork is outdoor-reared Free Range. We work closely with our Farmers to ensure the animals are fed as naturally as possible – without the use of additives or growth promoters.  Every week we have two or three of the breeds listed below available.

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Our Lambs come from farms in both the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District where they are free to graze on the stunning landscapes all year round. We use a variety of breeds we believe give the best quality, flavoursome and succulent meat.

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All our Game comes from small shoots across the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The birds are graded and dry-plucked to ensure the very best quality standards. We also offer farmed Quail and Duck all year round.

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Himalayan Salt Wall


Also known as the ‘King of Salt’, Himalayan Salt has the highest known elemental content with 84 minerals and trace elements found within its structure. The salt is sourced from Pakistan, from ancient mines some claim were discovered by Alexander the Great. For thousands of years the salt has been used in cooking, to bathe in and in other treatments.

We have built a salt brick wall in our Dry-Ageing room using over 700 hand cut Himalayan salt bricks. As the meat is ageing, moisture evaporates and concentrates the flavour. The salt is perfect for this – drawing any moisture out of the atmosphere as well as purifying the air. It helps create a clean and sterile microclimate within the chamber – as soon as you walk in the room you are struck by how fresh the air smells.

We typically age pork, beef and lamb for up to 70 days, depending on customer requirements, and we believe the taste of Himalayan Salt Aged meat is far superior to anything else we have ever tried.

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