All our Game comes from small shoots across the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The birds are graded and dry-plucked to ensure the very best quality standards. We also offer farmed Quail and Duck all year round.

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Iconic moorland bird, famous the world over for its heathery flavour and synonymous with the Game season.

Available from the 12th August.



A world apart from its farmed cousin –  a much more concentrated flavour.

Available from the 1st September.



A milder taste than most other game birds.

Available from the 1st September.



A common sight across the Dales, Pheasants are a  versatile, richly flavoured bird.

Available from the 1st October.




Small, single portion delicious bird.

Available from the 1st September.





One of the more unusual wild duck varieties, larger than the Teal but smaller than the Mallard.

Available from the 1st September.






The king of game – a distinctive exquisite flavour, traditionally served long legged.

Available from the 1st October.







From the same family as the Woodcock, smaller but equally delicious.

Available from the 1st November (technically available from August, but we are unlikely to see any coming through until November)








A world apart from the farmed version our rabbits are available all year round.







Wood Pigeon


A common sight in the  Dales, in our opinion one of the most flavoursome of all Game meats, Wood Pigeon is available all year round.




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