About Us

Swaledale  foods

Who we are

We are a strictly whole-carcass butcher with a total dedication to supplying exceptional native breed meat. Our pursuit of this leaves no stone unturned - breed, feed, age of animal, length of time ageing, butchery techniques; these are all things we have considered and refined. 

Our goal is not to achieve the highest yielding carcass. It is simply to produce products that are exceptional to cook and eat - be it a piece of beef or pork from our Himalayan salt room, a cured pig's cheek smoked over beech, or something from our award winning range of sausages, for which we grind whole spices in-house daily.

For over a decade we have been working with some of the best chefs in the country - our community of chefs have become great friends and often visit us and our farmers, without whom, it goes without saying, none of this would be possible. Our farming community has grown with us over the years. A network of like-minded people that live and breathe The Dales, people that we know and trust, all striving to produce the ultimate chef's ingredients, now available to the home cook. 

A note on native breeds

People often comment that our meat tastes ‘old-fashioned’ - like it used to when they were growing up, and we consider that a huge compliment. A generation ago in Britain we farmed traditional livestock perfectly adapted to our climate and terrain. Traditional breeds are slower to mature and we favour a grass and hay based diet. Take the Belted Galloway or Highland cow, for example - capable of grazing on the fells all winter with no problem and producing stunning, highly marbled beef. Similarly, the Middle White pig, a breed originating from our area, a breed known for its highly flavoursome pork due in part to its generous fat content - these old, native animals suffered hugely with the introduction of breeds from the continent - fast-growing, high yielding, lean animals.  The financial incentives are clear. Our cattle are typically 4-6 years old with commercial animals as little as 14 months - but ,when it comes to flavour, to how these differ in the kitchen, there really is no comparison. 

Our little business, based in Skipton, has achieved some great things over the years, but one of the most satisfying achievements is taking a drive around The Dales - there’s been a return to traditional livestock that’s clear to see - Dexter cattle, Belted Galloways, Highlands all dotted across the landscape. We’re incredibly proud to be at the heart of it and to bring these unique breeds to your door.